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  • 3 800,00 zł

    The Icon HD is the new frontier in gas integrated dive computers! With Mares' bidirectional technology, it communicates actively with the tank module for an unprecedented level of safety and user friendliness. Maximum readability, you'll love this dive computer!

    3 800,00 zł
  • 1 999,00 zł

    This impressive watch-style dive computer has much to offer: a high resolution display, tilt-compensated digital compass with bearing function, graphic profile during the dive, multigas algorithm and more, take a look!

    1 999,00 zł
  • 1 100,00 zł

    Mares Nemo Wide is easy to set up and read dive computer. Huge display, sharp digits, 3 dive modes & 3 Nitrox mixes. Perfect choice for beginner or recreational diver.

    1 100,00 zł
  • 800,00 zł

    The Puck Pro dive computer has everything you need! Super intuitive and easy-to-use, it has upgradeable firmware and multigas capability to accompany you through many years of dive adventures!

    800,00 zł
  • 1 022,00 zł

    The evolution of the popular and valued Puck Pro!

    1 022,00 zł
  • 1 206,00 zł

    NEW! The new MARES dive computer with an extremely legible display!

    1 206,00 zł
  • 1 839,00 zł

    The newest dive computer with a large readable display and 4 comfortable buttons

    1 839,00 zł
  • 1 100,00 zł

    Mares, while designing the Nemo Wide computer, focused on features that will make it easier for the user to use the computer underwater. First of all, the readability was achieved, which was achieved using a large, functional display.

    1 100,00 zł
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items